LED Light Cube Terrariums - Tropical Jungle

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Start your own tropical forest anywhere! This kit comes with three exciting and tropical plants. Colorful Polka Dot Plants, Delicate China Doll trees, and rambunctious flowering Lobelia all will thrive in your LED lit terrarium. These select tropical plants grow quickly, and will show color within weeks of sprouting! Fifteen powerful micro LED lights provide plenty of light for your seedlings...


Choosing Terrarium Plants

(11/23/13)-Kim Toscano, Oklahoma Gardening host, gives viewers a few examples of plants that would be great in a terrarium setting.


Adorable Cactus on Pink Decorative Pillow

Adorable Cactus on Pink Decorative Pillow has a contrast green on the back. Just at the beginning of Spring, I became obsessed with cactus and started drawing a bunch of them while enjoying the breeze by the water of Long Island City waterfront... I hope this will bring a smile every time you see...

Hoya waymaniae Throw Pillow

Hoya waymaniae is an easy to grow tropical houseplant. It blooms sporadically throughout the year if given humidity, bright light and a little love! SRQHoyas.com



Terrariums aren't just for tiny tropical plants! These trendy little fellas can act as showcases for your... https://t.co/HwEzcHsAMc 04/07/17, @Suburble