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See the best 2 water ionizers compared and decide for yourself which water ionizer makes the best alkaline water based on all of the water ionizer reviews on ...

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  • Legionella bacteria found at two Allegheny County nursing facilities

    03/10/17 ,via Tribune-Review

    Each of the four Kane centers had a copper-silver ionization water treatment system installed after the finding in October, according to a news release. Dennis Biondo, Kane's Ben Schmitt is a staff writer. Reach him at 412-320-7991

  • Sleeping Their Way to Mars

    03/22/17 ,via Air & Space Magazine

    He began at NASA in 2005 after spending five years at the biotech outfit Clearant, Inc., using ionizing radiation to inactivate pathogens in therapeutic blood products, transplant organs, and commercial biopharmaceuticals. NASA then invited Griko to