ZyXEL NBG5715 IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Router

Seller: Office Depot Office Depot by ZyXEL ZyXEL

With three dual-band antennas featuring MIMO technology, the NBG5715 provides you the ultimate visual experiences over the true dual networks at blazing data transfer rates. You can simultaneously surf the web over the common 2.4 GHz band with fast speeds and watch HD video or play online games over the interference-free 5 GHz band with smooth playback.Thanks to the SamrtRange technology, the...

TP-LINK Wireless N Router

Seller: Office Depot Office Depot by TP-Link TP-Link

The TL-WR740N Wireless Lite N Router integrates 4-port switch, firewall, NAT-router and wireless AP. Powered by 2x2 MIMO technology, the Wireless Lite N Router delivers exceptional range and speed, which can fully meet the need of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) networks and the users demanding higher networking performance. TP-LINK Wireless N Router is one of many Wireless Routers available...


What's The Difference Between B, G And N Routers? - Newsy

Here's a question: What's the difference between B, G and N routers? The biggest differences are speed and range. B, G and N refer to wireless standards, with ...



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