Garage keepers insurance direct primary

Garage keepers insurance direct primary

Smith garage keepers insurance direct primary a keystone provider of reliable Insurance Loss Control Services. Please forward this error screen to 68.

Please forward this error screen to 198. Direct, Legal Liability, Primary and Excess — what are these choices now? Clinard Insurance is in business to attract, convert and retain high value clients by establishing a strong personal relationship with each customer. Our goal is to be a responsive, empathic, and highly consultative insurance resource for anyone who wishes to have a wow customer service experience each and every time they need help or advice with their insurance needs. It is a unique type of policy and many seasoned professional insurance agents don’t really understand it well.

2 of my blogs on garagekeepers insurance I hope to continue to clear up some of the confusion about this policy form. As we discussed in the my last blog, the garagekeepers form is a coverage that can be added to the garage form and it allows for protection for the your clients vehicles, left in your care while you are repairing them. This coverage includes both comprehensive and collision coverages for those vehicles. When purchasing this coverage, there are 2 more choices you will need to consider.

The first is the question of Direct coverage, verses Legal Liablity coverage. Of course the direct coverage will be a bit more expensive but you may choose it so that you can quickly pay the damages caused to any of your client’s cars. The second question that you will want to answer is whether or not you want to purchase Primary or Excess coverage on your garagekeepers coverage. Primary coverage means that your insurance policy will pay, first dollar on the covered loss, while excess coverage will only kick in an pay when there is no coverage on your client’s insurance policy, or if the limits of your client’s policy are not high enough to cover the loss. 4 different states and we can help you make sure that your policy is set up correctly so that you can have the best possible protection at the lowest possible price. Does Your Liquor Insurance Policy Contain a One Way Audit Clause? Is Your Dock Harboring A Silent Killer?

Garagekeepers coverage protects your repo business from property damage, vehicle damage, and more. Get a quote from RIS today and protect your company. GARAGEKEEPERS INSURANCE is a type of property coverage for damage to property in their care, custody and control, such as a physical storage location, or even a vehicle which is performing repossession services. This coverage guards against a large event striking an entire lot, such as a tornado or severe hail, for instance, damaging the vehicles. Direct Primary provides the coverage regardless of who was legally liable. You weren’t liable, but your insurance pays the claim regardless. This is a positive for maintaining repeat clients and customers.

Furthermore, without this, Legal Liability has to be determined, and Direct Primary is also a mandated type of coverage to be in compliance with most contracts. You weren’t liable, so your insurance doesn’t pay out. This will keep your premiums from being raised as one positive, but forces your client to deal with the claim and potential insurance increases as a result. Learn more by contacting us or requesting a quote below. We’re happy to walk you through everything you need to know, and the requirements in your state.

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