Captain Underpants & The Preposterous Plight Of The Purple Plott

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The eighth book in Dav Pilkey's mega-bestselling Captain Underpants series. Now with super-cool foil covers! Shiny! Fun! When we last saw George and Harold, they were about to take their pet pterodactyl Crackers back to the Cretaceous period. But things didn't work out quite as they had hoped. They've entered an absurd alternate reality where teachers are nice, kids are allowed to read banned...

Guided Reading Set: Level P - The Adventures of Captain Underpants

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The Aventures of CAPTAiN UNDERPANTS CHAP 1-5

This video is about The Aventures of CAPTAiN UNDERPANTS CHAP 1-5 Audio Book. Children's Book. This book is very popular with third and four graders.

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